Streaming with node.js web server

This tutorial explains following works using Ubuntu14.04 as host-PC.

  1. Startup Phenox2 from battery, connect to host-PC using ssh.
  2. Launch web server using node.js to stream live images on browzer of host-PC.

1. Setup supply power and communication

Please setup supply power using battery as described in Power supply, and setup communication using ssh as described in Communication.

2. Execute sample

Run following command on Phenox2.

phenox# source /root/nodejs/nvm/
phenox# nvm use v0.11.14
phenox# source run/

Before running program, please put Phenox2 on the ground and do not move it until message "CPU0:Finished Initialization" appears. If users move Phenox2 during initialization, CPU1 detects movement and stops initialization. When this happens, please reboot Phenox2 by "reboot" command.

In host-PC, launch browzer and type on URL. Then, please check that images with visual feature points are stremed on browzer.

Also, this tutorial implements same behavior as Fly Phenox2(autonomous). That meansPhenox2 detects whisle sound and start flying. Please see detail of Fly Phenox2(autonomous).

3. Stop Phenox2

To shutdown Phenox2, type following command.

phenox# halt