Circuit Overview

Circuit boards of Phenox2 consist of a main-board, two camera boards and a serial communication board.

The name and location of each parts are listed as following picture(Fig.1~5).

  1. Power switch
  2. Supply connector
  3. Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver
  4. Zynq (XC7Z010CLG400)
  5. DDR3 (256MB)
  6. IMU
  7. Microphone
  8. Buzzer
  9. LED0
  10. LED1
  11. LED2
  12. Bottom camera board
  13. Front camera board
  14. Micro SD card slot
  15. USB2.0 port
  16. WiFi dongle
  17. Serial communication plug
  18. Serial communication board
  19. USB cable(A-B)
  20. External supply cable

Fig.1 Circuit components

Fig.1 Bottom side of main board without cameras

Fig.2  Circuit components

Fig.2 Top side of main board

Fig.3  Circuit components

Fig.3 Bottom side of main board with cameras

Fig.4  Circuit components

Fig.4 Serial communication board

Fig.5 Circuit components

Fig.5 External supply_cable