Phenox Package Contents

Firstly, please check the followings are contained in your Phenox2 set.

  • Phenox2

    1. Body Frame
    2. Propellers
    3. Motors
    4. Main circuit
    5. Bottom camera circuit
    6. Front camera circuit
    7. Serial communication circuit
    8. Protector
  • Battery (Turnigy nano-tech 180mAh 3S 25~40C LiPo Pack)

  • 4GB Micro SD Card (with preinstalled development environment)
  • USB-WiFi Dongle (WLI-UC-GNM)
  • External Power Source Connecter (JST-XH4 plug to DC Plug)
  • Whisle (to detect 3kHz sound)

Fig.1 Phenox2 full model

Phenox2 full model

Following items are not contained in Phenox2 set. Please prepare them by users.

  • Battery charger (3-Cell LiPo battery balance charger)
  • Spare battery (Turnigy nano-tech 180mah 3S 25~40C Lipo Pack)
  • USB Cable (A-B)
  • DC 12V Power Source (1A or upper, 5.5mm/2.1mm)
  • Electrical Tester
  • Safety Glasses
  • Host computer (with SSH client and serial communication)

To connect Phenox to the Internet, the following items are also needed.
- Wireless access point (such as WiFi router)

Replacement part

The price list is avialable from following URL.

The order is received from following mail address. The estimate delivery will be a month later after the order is received.

The CAD data of the protector is available from following URL, and users can make it by their own.
Also, software of Phenox2 can be installed to the custom micro SD. Please refer to Install software on custom microSD.